KS Special Family & Friends Event

I'm so sorry I didn't post about this until now, but for the rest of March (only today!) Kate Spade is having a special family & friends discount of 30%. Enjoy!

Also I wanted to let everyone know about some very special upcoming events with Tim Gun. Kate Spade is having him in-store in select cities across America. I hope you're lucky enough to live in a city where is will be coming, as sadly he will not be coming to Washington. I hope some of you will be able to make the events. If you purchase $100, you can get your photograph taken with Mr. Gunn. 

The Calendar:
Nashville, April 2
Chicago, April 16
Dallas, April 29-30
Aventura, May 14
Ft. Lauderdale, May 15
Boca Raton, May 16

RSVP to 212-626-1500.


Relay for Life

This saturday is Relay for Life at Cornell! I will be walking all night long with my sorority sisters and the rest of the Cornell community to raise money for the American Cancer Society. This is always such a wonderful event, as it gives the chance to really be mindful about everyone we know who is living with cancer or has been touched by it. We light luminarias in loving memory of friends and relatives. My dear grandmother died of cancer in 2000, and so many others I have known as well, so this cause is very near to my heart. CancerSucks, I will be walking for you also. I think the event sends a message of great hope, for with every Relay for Life we are getting closer to finding a cure for this awful disease. I feel proud because this year I personally raised the most money I've ever raised before, and I hope it will do some good. If you have a loved one whom you would like me to keep in my thoughts while I'm walking, please let me know and I would be happy to light a luminaria for them. xoxo


Kate Spade

I absolutely love kate spade, and her new ad campaign makes me smile!

Although Kate Spade herself is no longer the head director of the company, which owned by Liz Claiborne, her influence is still clearly evident. The company has been moving more and more into apparel, and my favorite new item this spring is the Easton Stripe Savvy dress. I think it's just adorable!

On the Second Day of Spring...

Today is the second day of spring, and what arrived in my mailbox?  An adorable spring treat from
Miss Janice. She sent me this beautiful pocket notebook from the new Lilly Pulitzer stationery line!

Last night was my last night in Washington, and I went out for dinner with my parents at Old Ebbitt Grill, a family favorite downtown. We saw President and Mrs. Obama, and I made sure to tell Mrs. Obama how much I love her White House Home Vegetable Garden. It is the first vegetable garden at the White House since Eleanor Roosevelt’s victory garden in World War II. The idea is to provide a healthy diet for white house employees and the First  family, and to increase cultural awareness of the need to conserve energy by consuming local foods.   

Back into Spring Swing of Things!

Betsey Dress

Well I must admit, I've not been this sick in a long time! Fortunately I'm finally back on my feet, thanks to all your warm well-wishes! I wanted to post pictures of the Lilly dresses I picked out for my graduation when I was in NYC. Joanna Lee, an absolutely fabulous manager from Lilly Pulitzer, helped me settle on the Betsey and the Lovell, and I'm so excited to wear them I can hardly keep them on my padded Lilly pink and green hangers!  

By the way, today I received confirmation that the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale will be held on June 4th this year. The date also happens to be my parent's wedding anniversary and my best friend's birthday, so it will be a busy day!


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello friends, please forgive me for not posting in a while but I've been flat in bed with the flu!  It's been so frustrating not having the energy to do anything, because I'm the type of person who usually loves to pack in a million things into a day! I rallied a bit this afternoon and wanted to wish you all a Happy St. Patrick's day! I was so lucky to have a memorable, wonderful, whirlwind  Lilly Martha time in NYC last week, that I perhaps now this is Mid-march flu is teaching me to have some patience.....I do however have two things especially to be happy about and feel lucky for this St. Patrick's day! That little leprechaun must have been busy! First, I was tagged with the kreative award, which truly warmed my heart. Second, this morning I won the from Sweet Cuppin Cakes Bakery and All Things Cupcake! It's my first time winning anything!!! I can't wait to get the cupcake kit in the mail. Thank you so much, and in honor of all things cupcakes as well as St. Patty's Day, I'm posting a picture of the delicious St. Patricks day cupcakes seen last week at Crumbs Bakery in NYC!

Kreative Blogger Tag!

Thank you so very much to The Company She Keeps and DCPrep for tagging me with the Kreative Blogger award! This is my first time getting any kind of thing like this! 

This absolutely made my day, for unfortunately I've been sick with the flu the past five days, ever since getting back from the Lilly show. I must be very lucky on today St. Patrick's day!

How fun! Here are my seven favorites:
1) Northeast Harbor, MDI. 2) sundress on a summer day. 3) hosting dinner parties & decorating cupcakes. 4) kate spade, ever since the very first original box bag. 5) champagne and white reisling. 6) bows & ribbon. 7) tulips. 

Does anybody know how long you wait to tag seven favorite blogs? Shall I do it right away? There are so many inspirational daily reads of mine, it will be impossible to choose! Forgive me, but I'm new at this!


Lilly Pulitzer Handmade Print

Many of you have asked to see the print I got painted for me at the Lilly store, so here it is! The artist Stacy has been working for Lilly Pulitzer for twelve years, hand-dying patterns and designs, and she says she just loves her job. I'm also including a picture of the adorable shift cookie favor from Hopsy! What wonderful memories these tokens represent, and I feel so blessed and thankful. 


Preppy Leopard Jewelry Case

Monograms & Martini's in Manhattan is giving away beautiful jewelry Gemvelopes on her blog! Enter to win 8-10 pieces!!

The Colorful Life

It has been the most colorful past 24-hours! My days have been painted pink & green with Lilly! Beginning with the fabulous VIP Lilly party at the Madison Avenue townhouse the night before the show, all the way to watching Martha wear one of the new summer '09 Lilly prints, getting to know so many fellow bloggers, and meeting Joanna, Emilie, & all the other wonderful people from Lilly Corporate - thank you to everyone who worked to make yesterday magic! I so enjoyed getting to know everyone. Thank you to the Madison Ave store especially for hosting the fun party, and to all the Lilly worker bees who helped me pick out graduation dresses and pampered me with champagne. I also want to thank the incredible artists who were painting prints in the window. Stacy, you painted me a beautiful picture of the townhouse that will soon be framed and hanging in my bedroom. It is such a special memory!

Thank you Hopsy for hosting the pre-party getogether for all of us bloggers. I'm brand new to the blogging community, but you were all so kind and friendly, and I loved meeting you Helen, as well as Kate and Patricia from DC (we'll have to get together again soon!), KAG, Blaire, Lou Lou in Lilly, and everyone else. More to come soon! xoxo MellyLil


Tent Sale!

Boatman Geller is having another wonderful tent sale on select products, many of which have never before been discounted! I will be stocking up now on some for graduation thank-you notes. I'm off now to the Lilly VIP party! I'll post pictures soon :)


Best Two Days Have Finally Arrived!

I'm so excited for the Lilly VIP party tomorrow night that Hopsy is throwing at the Madison Avenue townhouse, and then for the Martha Lilly show on wednesday! I can't wait to meet all of you who are going. Viva Lilly!

Where will Lilly Show Up Next?

What's the only thing that could make my favorite pint of Staburcks Low-Fat Latte ice cream any sweeter? A Lilly Pulitzer cozie! Preppy Prink Crocodile is giving one away! 

More Generous GiveAways!

Friends, I have two more generous giveaways to share the news about. I must say it is so exciting to be part of this blogging world now! 

Kristin Pearce will be giving one lucky winner one of her signature necklaces. You can view all of her talented designs, jewelry, and homemade gifts on her website, Kristin Pierce Design.Please enter by March 13.

Queen Bee Swain is giving away a Junior League cookbook. 

Queen Bee Swain is giving away a Junior League cookbook. For this you must enter by March 10, because the winner will be drawn in celebration of the Martha Lilly show!


Lilly Easter Basket Give-Away

Cancersucks is having her first give-away, and I know you all will fall in love with it! It's this beautiful Lilly easter basket. Visit her blog for your chance to win this gorgeous prize.


Lilly for Puppies!

I just saw this fabulous photo on the Lilly blog, and I had to share it. The two little dogs wearing Lilly bandanas are just too cute! I have two adorable white Bichon Frise dogs, Daisy & Chloe, and we always dress them in bandanas and preppy collars to go with the season. I will have to find them some Lilly ones now!

Daisy actually had puppies a few weeks ago, so I've also posted some pictures the breeder just sent me yesterday. I think they're just precious!


Morgan & Co. Monogram Easter "Buckets"

I just got an email from Morgan & Company about their new personalized Easter baskets. They are very cute in preppy argyle. Since they are buckets, you can use them afterward for storing just about anything!

Pink Dress Contest!

I wanted to share this adorable contest that Kimberley at Sew Girlie has on her store website right now. What a wonderful give-away!