Kate Spade 2011 Year of Color Campaign

Love every bit of Bryce!


Nautical By Nature Kate - Monogram Beach Hat

Nautical by Nature is hosting a giveaway for the most fantastic beach brim I've ever seen!

These gorgeous wide-brimmed beach hats are made by Marley Lilly - so perfectly chic for flopping on over a pair of wide sunglasses and sitting inside a beachside cabana.The hat is available in 6 color trim options: pink, lime, brick, black, turquoise, and orange. 

Kappa Prep Pink Swap!

I received these lovely packages from my swap partner Tiffany today! We must be on the same pink wavelength because I popped my package to her in the mail today on the same day her arrived. Tiffany sent me a lovely assortment of pink goodies. The best part was the surprise packaging! - a bright pink packing box filled with confetti and heartshaped lollipops. Every little surprise was fun to open:
  • pink kitchen gloves
  • cupcake calendar
  • valentines notepad
  • tres chic notecards
  • hot pink nail polish
  • lilly pulitzer filled homemade frames
  • pink blossom bubble bath
  • pink champagne flutes
Thank you to Kappa Prep for hosting her annual swap. I hope those others who participated in the swap this year have just as much pleasant pinkness in the packages arriving to you!