Lilly Pulitzer Party!

Thank you for sharing these details, KappaPrep!

Cupcakes and Cocktails to be served all day (the store opens at 10am so head over as early as you like). The Martha taping officially starts at 10am and takes a little over an hour. So I would say everyone coming from the show will get there closer to 11:30am. The design team should also arrive after the show as I hear they will be involved with the taping. There will be demonstrations all day with the print design team (this is NOT to be missed- I have seen their studio and these people are AMAZING!!) and numerous Lilly Pulitzer corporate team members will also be at the store to celebrate. Live it up and make it a Lilly day! After Martha we will all be inspired to acquire more Lilly and so I think it is a calling we do so in a posh location surrounded by the preps we love and trust!
Lilly Pulitzer
1020 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10021
(212) 744-4620


Kappa Prep said...

SOOO excited you can go and that you can come to the meet up too! Also, welcome to the blog world!!!

cancersucks said...

I will there, too! Looking forward to meeting my blogging friends.

parkaveprincess said...

Thanks for following :)

MBM said...

I live in Chicago now...but my family lives out in Bridgehampton. I'm seriously considering flying back just for the apres party! I tried to get tickets to the show...no luck! Hmm...I'm so on the fence! Sounds like a PERFECT day!

Welcome to the blog world!!

Kate said...

Just found your blog through Hopsy. Can't wait to meet you :)

BRD said...

New to your blog! Love it!

cancersucks said...

Some of my friends are wearing summer Lilly...I think lots of people are going to be in summer style and just bundling up over for the outside!

MBM said...

Thank you for list my blog preppy patio on your blog roll. I wish I was devoting more time to it...maybe when it warms up I will be more motivated? Please stop by

I think you will like it a lot! :)