My new Sheets!

I've been waiting for months to sleep in my bed because I couldn't find sheets I really love. Finally I stumbled upon these gorgeous candy striped high thread count linens by a wonderful little company called Ziccibea ...... and I knew I was destined for sweet dreams in own bed again soon!  These are the most fresh fun frette-esque textiles for bedding I've seen in a long time. The brainchild of design school best friends Shoshana and Yali, these sheets are just one of the many ideas generated in their creative factory in New York City. 
Ziccibea creates "custom" bedding designs to work with clients' interiors. Most sheets are not designed that way, probably the very reason why I was hung up for so long on being able to find sheets I liked well enough to put in my newly re-done bedroom interior. The two women entrepreneurs combined 20 years of design experience and created the Zicci Bea brand to provide quality and affordable options for the home, with an emphasis on design. Their textiles embody the company's belief that a home is more than just a place to live. It’s an escape and retreat from the rigor of the real world. Ziccibea has truly enhanced my "escape". 
Furthermore, the linens further embody a spirit for sustainability through their "Healthy Earth Commitment": bedding produced at a plant that is strictly regulated through the Oeko–Tex certification process — using no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, fragrances or dyes."

Sweet dreams!

Coordinating Palette of Ideas:


Sarah said...

Love those sheets. They're chic and feminine!

Deviled Megs said...

Love that bedding -- feminine without being frilly

Lamb said...

I loveee these sheets! Great pick.

xo lamb loves

Portuguese Prepster said...

gorgeous sheets!

Kate said...

LOVE these! Really love the color combination