Closet Envy

I'm absolutely in love with Clos-ette! Wouldn't you love to have a beautiful closet like this one? I've always secretly wanted the hangers in my closet to be bright apple green or white, and now with Close-tte's closet outfitting ideas you can have your very own entirely matching closet full of hangers....new condo closet, here we come!

Clos-ette too… sprang to life from Clos-ette, the international leader in organizational design. They organize and design closets for the world’s most discerning clients, and now they're launching the a new line of top-notch hangers and accessories, that make the custom products we’re known for available to everyone. Now, you also can have the very best in affordable, organizational luxury!


Portuguese Prepster said...

I loove organized closets!

Jeannie said...

I love love love love closets!!!! This post is amazing, I need to look at their website!

Anonymous said...

Oh if only! Only Americans have houses big enough for 'closets' us Brits have to make do with measly pokey 'wardrobes' - sob!

arrielle_p said...

WOW! You have a very beautiful condo closet! One of my dream condo in the future is to have a wide closet in it. Wish to live in a place like that. Your blog is so gorgeous and inspiring. :)

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