Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Fling Sale!

Spring Fling Sale

Preppy Belt Girls Large or Ladies XS

J.Crew Cable Knit Lambswool Pom Pom Ballet Slippers

NWT J.Crew Mens Board Short Swim 29" - $20

Small Dog or Cat Collar Preppy Polka Dot
$3 each

Small Zebra Dog Collars
$3 each

NWT Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Shorts 00 - $40

EUC Lilly Pulitzer Jubilee Patchwork Shift Dress Sz. 0 - $60

EUC Lilly Pulitzer Green Silk Holiday Skirt Glam Sz. XS/S - $40

J.Crew Necklace, $10
Sterling Silver Shell Clip Earrings from Nantucket, $6


pinkandgreenpolkadots said...

Interested in the men's tie, if available

pinkandgreenpolkadots said...

Interested in the Lilly tie, if available.

M.L.G. said...

Sure, just send a PayPal payment to and add $6 for shipping.

pinkandgreenpolkadots said...

Hi checking in to see when the Lilly tie is due to arrive? Thanks so much!

M.L.G. said...

I mailed it last week, so it should be there any day!

Richey Job List said...

Is the Kiki dress a size 6 or 4? And the same questions for the Jubilee shift. Thanks

M.L.G. said...

Size 4!

Caleigh Burchfield said...

Are the 00 Buttercup shorts available?